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Jackob Buczyński


Jackob Buczyński

Instagram: @jackobbuczynski

What happens when you give up your sports career and studies at the School of Physical Education overnight? A fashion brand is created that grips the young and hits the continents. Here comes another #KOKOrepair craftsman Jackob Buczynski 5 years ago, Jackob was one of the first creatives who wasn't afraid to recycle used clothing and use raw materials to create new designs. Over the years, Jackob has created his own collection of JACKOB BUCZYŃSKI jackets and shown the power of upcycling clothes. The brand recycles about a tonne of clothes a year, proving that there is much more than a "grey tracksuit", and that creative and good for the planet solutions are just around the corner! 

This year (2022) the second JACKOB BUCZYŃSKI upcycling collection will be launched and will be created in cooperation with the largest European used clothing sorting plant Wtorpol.


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