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Meet our brave Repair Team who will be remaking clothes in our #KOKOrepair campaign. 


The team is made of famous upcycling artists, seamstresses and our KOKOteam! They are the ones who will be fixing fashion together with us. They are already sharpening their scissors and preparing threads to remake your clothes. We cannot wait to see what gems are going to be created, and looking at our team, modesty apart — it is going to be pure art. 


What are we going to do with the upcycled clothes? Anything our imagination can think of! We want to repair, patch up creatively, sew and stitch, shorten, lengthen, join, embroider, patchwork and make total changes. The clothes will be pimped up with various scraps and pieces from the KOKOcollecition production: batik, cotton, ornaments, patterned fabrics. 


The Repair team is going to be led by Agata Kurek, founder of the KOKOworld brand. „We repair fashion,” says Agata, „both in terms of staying true to the ideas of slow fashion and sustainable production, and in terms of ad hoc alterations of damaged or old clothes. KOKOworld products are an investment for years. Thanks to their high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship, they resist both short-term trends and the passage of time. They are perfect for creative upcycling.” 


We want to inspire all those who would like to give their own clothes a try. Together we will create tutorials for easy and creative alterations of old or damaged clothes. Following tour bits of advice and social media accounts, everyone will be able to repair old clothes or give them a new life.


The upcycled clothes will be available for purchase at the #KOKOrepair closing event and online from the 19th of  March. The proceeds from their re-sale will be donated to a special account of the Dom Pokoju Foundation. The funds raised will be used to equip the community sewing room of Suleiman and Milad. 


And here are the members of our team, the pixies and wizards who will give a new lease of life to KOKOworld's second-hand clothes:


 Malgorzata Grodzka


Małgorzata Grodzka

There is one thing you can definitely say about Gosia: she is the upcycling queen. She has a lot of experience in creating art from clothes as she has been involved in upcycling for almost 14 years! The artist has been working with the KOKObrand for many years.

 Zuza Tokarska


Zuza Tokarska 

Instagram: Od podszewki

Zuza Tokarska graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (majoring in graphic design). She works in illustration, graphic design and screen printing. Her project is to cover stains on second-hand clothes. She prints illustrations on used T-shirts and, together with her mum, turns old sheets into usable items again. You can find her works at: and on her Instagram profile Od podszewki (Inside out).    


Halinka Szczepocka

Instagram: Karmazynki

Halinka is a seamstress and the creator of Karmazynki. She works in a vegan pub, and in her free time she sews clothes from cotton sheets in crazy patterns – from the fabrics she finds in second-hand shops. During her studies in a clothing technical school, she was thinking hard about what she could do with her passion (sewing) without contributing to the planet's pollution. This is how the idea for her project, Karmazynki, was born. She loves going to second-hand shops and fishing for interesting fabrics. She says that her head is buzzing with ideas of what she can make out of them. She loves giving fabrics a second, useful life.


Ania Rostkowska



Ania Rostkowska 

Instagram: Like.Blair

Ania Rostkowska has always been inspired by the  style of "the" Blair from "the" Gossip Girl. When she started her adventure of creating hairbands, she took for granted that Blair Waldorf must be watching over her. The headbands created by Ania are made from old ties, and that makes them unique, intriguing and upcycled. Although, as she admits herself, her everyday life is filled with "targets" and "tasks" in a Warsaw corporation, after working hours she turns into a lover of a good book or an interesting TV series. She is a second-hand shops junkie.


Aleksandra Konieczna

Instagram: Kraina Rzeczy Ładnych

In the Kraina Rzeczy Ładnych (the Land of Pretty Things) beautiful handicrafts meet everyday life. It is Aleksandra Konieczna who is behind this unique online place. For over a year, in the spirit of zero waste, she has been creating unique accessories and clothes. She uses unwanted fabrics, second-hand clothes and her own infinite resources of creativity. In 2020, she embroidered her first second-hand T-shirt. Currently, she makes accessories and clothes, giving old fabrics a new life and their new owners – objects with souls.  


Małgorzata Miałkowska                               

Małgorzata Miałkowska

Instagram: Florista

Florista is an original brand with clothes and accessories for girls and women who love flowers and casual, girlish cuts. Małgosia, the founder, designs and sews using second-hand fabrics, giving them new life and creating sustainable fashion that respects the environment. Małgosia uses forgotten fabric or those that haven't been used for a while, all of her projects are created in limited editions, being often rare books. The brand comes from Wrocław and it is there, from beginning to end, that the Florista products are created.


Karolina Lesik-Skwarczyńska

Instagram: Dress up in Ecofriendly. 

Karolina started her adventure with the zero waste movement in 2019 by founding the brand Dress up in Ecofriendly.  The company's philosophy is mainly based on sewing colourful clothes from upcycled fabrics. The brand's flagship designs are colourful and patterned hoodies made entirely from natural second-hand fabrics. Creating and designing is Karolina's greatest passion. Thanks to her own company, not only does she get to follow her interests, but above all,  she creates fashion safe for the environment.


 Agnieszka Zelasko


Agnieszka Zelasko

Instagram: jaga_zafu

Aga's passion is sewing and processing second-hand fabrics. She sews meditation cushions, yoga rollers, as well as relaxing-relieving eye pillows, sleeping pillows and thermophores. She creates all her pillows from recycled fabrics and fills them with natural buckwheat hulls, spelt and cherry seeds. The 4R principle (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is her goal and she encourages others to follow. 


Kinga Byrczek and Marcin Radwański

Instagram: Recyklinglove

Kinga fell in love with sewing from the first moment she got a machine in her house. At first, it was on loan and brave companion of evenings spent together, but it only took a few words of encouragement from Kinga's mother and she became convinced to take sewing "seriously" and bought her own equipment. Kinga loves fashion and sewing, but she also cares about our planet, so she creates from fabrics that can be given a second life. In Recyklinglove you will find mainly aprons, scrunchies, sack-bags, headbands and flies.


            Maria Węgrzyn                                            


Maria Węgrzyn

Instagram: Tkanki

Tkanki (Tissues) is a brand created by Maria, who is dedicated to transforming old clothes into new things. As she says, the idea of upcycling has guided her from the very beginning. Her work is a compromise between her desire to create new things and her concern for the planet that we flood with textiles. In her Warsaw workshop, corduroy jackets or colourful curtains land under the scissors, for bumbags or bags to come out of the machine. She designs them herself or creates them according to the ideas of her customers.


Dorota Gomułka

Instagram: Mimadostudio

Dorota decided to do something for herself and went on a sewing course. At the same time, she began to take a conscious approach to fashion, indulging in shopping at second-hand shops. From this experience the brand Mimadostudio was born! At first, the clothes were decorated with sewn-on embellishments, splashes of paint and even traces of bleach! Now the brand produces unique, upcycled denim jackets - for the brave ones                                                      


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